Male Breast Enlargement

Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia surgery) is performed on Men who develop fatty or fibrous breast enlargement. This may occur for a variety of reasons such as Metabolic, physiological, age related and medication induced.

Many men find the appearance unsightly and they develop poor self image, avoiding certain social situations requiring removal of shirts or T-shirts.

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These images are not intended to indicate or reflect likely results or outcomes for any other patient other than those displayed here. Every patient will have before and after results consistent with their individual and unique anatomy and physique.Therefore patients should not make decisions to have Cosmetic Surgery based solely on before and after images.

The surgical management for Gynaecomastia is either Liposuction alone or a combination of liposuction and excision of the fibrous component of the breast tissue. A small incision is made around the lower half of the nipple areola complex; this eventually heals well and fades over several months.

In males who have had massive weight loss a Male Breast Reduction similar to a female type Male Breast Reduction incision is required. Patients need to have a realistic expectation that this is not a scar that can be hidden or have an aesthetic or natural appearance. The Gynaecomastia surgery is life changing for many men and typically the scar is an acceptable trade off.

This condition can return under certain circumstances such as particular use of prescribed or illicit drugs and medications as well as weight gain from poor dietary habit.

Male Breast  Enlargement

Recovery and Complications

Similar to female breast reduction recovery takes approximately 3-6 months dependant on the type of Gynaecomastia surgery, with scars healing over this time. Limitations to activities such as driving, lifting and exercise will be dictated by your recovery and can be gradually introduced over this period.

Complications as alluded to above relate to scar healing, nipple sensation loss and potential for skin or nipple loss. Pain and bleeding are the symptoms that eventually resolve and usually have no long term sequelae.