Face and Neck Lift

Patients seeking Face lifts and Neck lifts are typically those that have signs of chronological, genetic and/or environmental ageing of the facial and neck skin.

Most patients have various motives in requesting a face lift; the outcome is significantly dependant on their expected goals, psychological well being and stability. The results are often subtle and avoidance of the “wind tunnel” or “cat woman” appearance is paramount.

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These images are not intended to indicate or reflect likely results or outcomes for any other patient other than those displayed here. Every patient will have before and after results consistent with their individual and unique anatomy and physique.Therefore patients should not make decisions to have Cosmetic Surgery based solely on before and after images.

There have been a number of techniques and re-invention of older techniques, some techniques better than others. A comprehensive face and neck lift will have a superior and longer lasting result for most patients. The down time and recovery is expected to be longer (2-3 weeks) due to the need to surgically address the sagging skin and the underlying soft tissues.

Some patients have heard of the “Macs lift”, “S-lift” and “Threads”; they offer quick “lunch-time” facelifts.

These techniques are valid procedures if performed correctly; however, they only address tightening of the sagging skin and not the underlying soft tissues that have also sagged.

They are also limited by the type of patient for whom these procedures are suitable, these being typically young patients with minimal sagging, wrinkles or sun damage and with thick skin. As a consequence the results even in these patients are extremely short lived and the results are generally substandard with most patients seeking correction of their poor result with a comprehensive face lift and neck lift at a later date.

Likewise many patients have had temporary treatments such as Antiwrinkle injections and dermal fillers. These treatments provide limited facial rejuvenation potential at the end of a needle; some of these patients realise that they require a formal surgical option to address the deep lines and sagging of the Facial tissues.

In Sydney, NSW Mid North Coast (Port Macquarie & Kempsey) and Hurstville Dr. Bobby A. Kumar performs a Face lift and Neck lift procedure taught to him by a senior Sydney Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon with 30 years of experience. Consequently Dr. Bobby A. Kumar understands the dynamics involved in producing a long lasting natural and aesthetic Face lift and Neck lift. Patients should expect though that they will require adjunctive therapies to maintain their results and that care of their skin especially from the effects of Ultraviolet sun light is important.

The incisions are hidden within creases and natural folds or wrinkles, and an attempt to avoid hair loss due to traction, tension or injury to hair follicles is observed during the surgery. As most of the lift for Face lift and Neck lift occurs in the deeper tissues and structures of the face and neck, there is less tension at closure of the incisions. As a result patients should not expect a “windswept” appearance or webbing of the neck skin.

Frequently patients state that they appear refreshed and rejuvenated like they have had a holiday to their friends and relatives who are not aware that they have had a face lift or neck lift. The results are suitable, soft and natural. Typically a Face lift or Neck lift is often combined with Eye lid surgery (Blepharoplasty) as it is often recognised that the eyes give patients a “sad” face which adds to the aged appearance of the face.

Common Complications are: Scars which are hidden in natural creases and fade with time. Bruising which resolves over 2-4 weeks and decreased skin sensitivity which returns with time.

Rare Complications are: Wound breakdown which heals with antibiotic ointment and revision of the scar.

Smokers will have the highest complication rates; all smokers are advised to cease smoking at least 4-6 weeks prior to surgery if not all together.Despite having ceased smoking, smokers tend to experience issues and complications with healing