Breast Reduction & Lift images

Breast Reduction/Lift images

The images are those of patients that Dr. Bobby A. Kumar has performed a Breast reduction and lift; some patients have also had a combined breast augmentation.

Typically many women are not only seeking a reduction and lift procedure because of excessive breast weight. The images show patients that were keen to maintain their breast volume. However; because of the droop and lax skin they opted to have a partial reduction with a lift and augmentation of their breasts with an Implant.

This is not an uncommon procedure for women following pregnancy and breast feeding, and when there are no plans to have more children. The goal for these women is to feel more feminine and have breasts that are similar to their pre-preganancy shape and size.

These images are not intended to indicate or reflect likely results or outcomes for any other patient other than those displayed here. Every patient will have before and after results consistent with their individual and unique anatomy and physique.Therefore patients should not make decisions to have Cosmetic Surgery based solely on before and after images.

The consultation process will cover the type of breast reduction and lift procedure that will help you achieve the shape and size that you are looking for, the end result taking about 6-12 months of healing.

Dr. Bobby A. Kumar will also discuss the type of Implants that will be suitable for a combined breast augmentation if patients are seeking a better shape and filling of the breast skin following a partial reduction.

Most women are extremely satisfied following a breast reduction and lift procedure as they describe relief from the weight of the breasts and that they no longer drag and develop persistent skin problems and neck pain.Scarring can vary from person to person, smokers tend to scar poorly and have a higher risk of complications and side effects.