Breast Augmentation images

Breast Enlargement Images

These images are results of actual patients that Experienced Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Bobby A. Kumar has performed Breast enlargement upon.

The patients requested breast augmentation for a number of reasons, such as a lack of breast volume, sagging breasts, breasts which were not perky and in particular a lack of confidence and sense of feminity in clothing, swimsuits or being naked with their partners.

Often women who have had children seek breast augmentation surgery to address the inevitable changes to breast tissue caused by pregnancy and breast feeding, wanting to restore breast size and shape. The term "mummy makeover" refers to this type of surgery, which is often combined with Tummy Tuck surgery, also known as Abdominoplasty, which tightens and smooths the tummy area after the changes caused by pregnancy and/or weight loss.

These images are not intended to indicate or reflect likely results or outcomes for any other patient other than those displayed here. Every patient will have before and after results consistent with their individual and unique anatomy and physique.Therefore patients should not make decisions to have Cosmetic Surgery based solely on before and after images.

During your comprehensive consultation, you will be able to view a large range of images of actual patients and view potentially similar breast types. Dr. Bobby A. Kumar talks to you about your existing breast size and shape, the amount of existing breast tissue, your skin thickness and the proportions of your chest and body, and how these characteristics impact on the choice of breast implant you make.

The women on whom Dr. Bobby A. Kumar has performed breast augmentation surgery have had a range of different breast implant sizes, shapes and sometimes textures (such as the well known Brazilian implants). The choice of Implant type is unique to individual women and tailored to their requirements and the aesthetic result that each woman is wanting to achieve. At Bare Aesthetics Cosmetic Surgery, this individual choice is respected and all the necessary information provided to enable a woman to make an informed decision.