Antiwrinkle Injections

The most common non surgical Cosmetic procedure performed in Sydney today is the use of Antiwrinkle Injections.

It is a Non Surgical approach to rejuvenate the Face, Neck & Eyes. However, it may also be used following a Face lift to maintain the results.

The Anti-wrinkle injection is a neurotoxin (muscle relaxant); it is used to inject into wrinkles typically regions of the face and neck.

The volumes or quantities used to effectively treat wrinkles are not sufficient to cause systemic harm (several thousand vials would be required). Muscle relaxant is used for non cosmetic conditions such as Hyperhidrosis (excessively sweaty palms, armpits or feet), blepharospasm (twitching eyelids), migraines and cerebral palsy patients.

The injections take approximately 10-15 minutes to perform and Dr. Bobby Kumar uses ice blocks as an effective anaesthetic to minimise pain of the needle and reduce the risk of bruising. If patients are taking blood thinning medications bruising is likely.

Anti wrinkle injections can be used as an adjunct to other procedures or it may be the only cosmetic procedure some patients will ever have. A common misconception though is that it is “addictive”. Patients decide if at all and when they require further injections to maintain a rejuvenated, natural and aesthetic face and neck.

Some patients will start to experience the results within 2-3 days and the peak effects occur at around the two week period.

The effects of Muscle relaxant last initially for 3 months, then patients will begin to notice a return to muscle activity of the muscles previously blocked. If a patient has subsequent anti wrinkle injections of Muscle relaxant they will find that as the muscle atrophies and weakens the effect may last a lot longer and the frequency and perhaps the dosage of Muscle relaxant required decreases respectively.

There are other forms of Muscle relaxant commercially available in Sydney; Dr. Bobby Kumar has many years of experience with injecting and use of Muscle relaxant, the brand supplied by Allergan is the form of muscle relaxant he continues to recommend and use in his Sydney and Port Macquarie practices.

During your consultation Dr. Bobby Kumar will take a history and perform an examination to determine if an Anti wrinkle injection is suitable for you. There are patients that require a surgical option such as Face lift or Neck lift to achieve the results they desire. Hence a realistic expectation and realisation of the limitations of anti wrinkle injections is essential.

Complications include pain, discomfort, redness and bruising. In inexperienced or untrained hands there is the risk of eyelid droop or a down turned mouth.